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Furball Fever - Alien Furballs Attack

Furball Fever has run its course on earth and a cure was found by one determined furball. Now, Alien furballs have heard of the cure and are assaulting the earth in an effort to get it. They are not nice, and will destroy the earth in the process.

One friendly Alien Furball stands in the way ready to defend the earth from the hordes of alien furball attackers. Stationed above the earth in a space port, that lone furball will use space nuke bombs and electrified space sport shields to win the battle.

Your mission, to stay alive long enough to face down the alien mothership in the final battle for earth.

Good luck!

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Furball Fever

The first in the series; Furball Fever has spread and the evil Furball minions are keeping you from collecting your hard earned Furball loot. Your mission is to Roll, Jump and Swing your way across 15 action packed levels in 3 different colorful worlds collecting all the loot and destroying all the evil Furball minions  along the way.


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